Some roads are simply more dangerous than others. What makes them so risky to drive on? It could be any combination of things, ranging from poor visibility at certain times of the day or even all of the time to the speed limit assigned to the road, to the crossroads where people don’t properly look both ways before pulling out, and more. The important thing to note is that these roads in Alabama have a higher rate of car accidents, some deadly, than others, so caution is advised when traveling on them.

Most Dangerous Roads in Alabama

So, which roads should you avoid when cruising around Alabama? And how can you stay safe? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Interstate 20 

Interstate 20, which is home to an incredibly accident-prone area called the “Bloody 20” that runs between Pell City and Leeds, cuts across Alabama going from the east to the west. What makes this road deadly? There are plenty of steep hills that need to be traversed, as well as plenty of semi-trucks and high speeds, all of which add up to danger. 

2. Interstate 10 

If you want to drive through the Gulf Coast area of the state, Interstate 10 is your best option. It stretches from Florida to Mississippi, going through several counties, such as Baldwin and Mobile. However, the road has poor nighttime visibility, making it difficult to drive down in the dark, and when combined with the very rates of impaired drivers on it, you’re looking at a road that’s incredibly dangerous, especially during the holidays. 

3. Interstate 65

Rather than run east-west like the two previous interstates, this one goes from the north to the south, cutting right through the center of Alabama. If you want to visit any of the larger cities in the area, such as Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, or Mobile, then you’ll find yourself on Interstate 65. The downside is the area where the interstate meets I-20 and I-59, which is particularly accident-prone, to the point of being nicknamed “malfunction junction.” In addition, the sloping territory, which causes water to pool on the road in the rain, leads to numerous accidents.  

4. Interstate 85

If you live in Alabama, you’ll more than likely find yourself on Interstate 85 at one time or another. This is known as the main thoroughfare through the state, as it goes from the east to the west, taking travelers from Georgia through Alabama. Why is this road so dangerous?  Combine the high amount of traffic with some inclement weather, and you have a very deadly interstate. 

5. Interstate 59

Another road that goes from the north to the south, Interstate 59 takes drivers from Mississippi to Georgia, cutting through the northeast portion of Alabama. One particularly dangerous area is where the interstate meets up with Interstate 65 and Interstate 20. Called the notorious “malfunction junction,” the poor design of the switchover led to a number of car wrecks. 

6. Route 431 

Although U.S. Route 431 only goes through a small portion of the state, towards the east traveling from Tennessee almost to where Alabama meets Florida, it has a high number of crashes due to its terrain. The combination of high-speed limits, numerous curves, lanes that continually require merging, and general low visibility leads to a vast number of crashes. 

7. McFarland Boulevard and Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa

Moving away from the main thoroughfares, there are some other intersections that have made the list. One of them is in the city of Tuscaloosa, where Skyland Blvd and McFarland Blvd meet. According to the Tuscaloosa police, this intersection accounts for a high percentage of crashes in the city and is mostly blamed on the fact that drivers choose to run red lights right through it. 

8. Airport Boulevard and University Boulevard in Mobile

When it comes to intersections that have a high rate of accidents, it doesn’t get much worse than where University Blvd and Airport Blvd meet in the city of Mobile. The heavy traffic gets most of the blame, although some could say that poor intersection planning, as well as drivers who choose not to pay attention to the road in front of them, are also at fault. 

9. University Boulevard and 28th Street in Birmingham

Another dangerous intersection is the area where 28th St and University Blvd meet in the city of Birmingham. It is one of the deadliest in the state. The combination of poor visibility, people not paying attention to the road in front of them, and impaired driving lead to a high number of fatal crashes on this stretch of road. 

10. Jefferson County Road 52 in Birmingham

Also known as Morgan Road, the sheer amount of traffic on this stretch of Birmingham leads to a number of deadly accidents. In addition, the road isn’t in the best condition, making things even more hazardous. The poor design and other factors make this road one of the deadliest in the area, giving it a place on this list. 

How to Stay Safe on the Roads 

How can you stay safe on the roads in Alabama? It all starts with paying attention to the road in front of you. If you’re traveling on an interstate with low visibility, go slower than the speed limit. You also need to ensure that you’re paying attention to the other drivers on the road, as well as following all traffic laws, such as stopping at red lights. Since these deadly roads in Alabama lead to a number of car wrecks, it also helps to keep your car insurance up to date, just in case.

Got Into an Accident in Alabama? 

If you’ve been in an accident on one of Alabama’s deadly roads, or any others for that matter, you’ll need a copy of your accident report. How can you get one? Contact AlaWreck, of course. We offer free accident reports, medical consultations, resources, and more. If you think that you’ll need to file a claim after an accident, we’re here to help. 

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