What Is a 'Dec Page' and What is the Importance of a 'Dec Page'?

An insurance declaration page, also known as an “insurance dec page” or “dec sheet,” is a document given by your insurance company. It’s crucial after a car wreck for several reasons:

7 Important Aspects to Check on a Dec Page

  1. Policy Information:

    • This page provides a summary of your insurance policy, including your name, address, and policy number, essential for reporting an accident.
  2. Coverage Details:

    • It outlines your coverage types, such as liability limits, comprehensive, and collision, helping you understand available benefits after a car wreck.
  3. Deductibles:

    • The declaration page shows your deductibles – the amount you pay before insurance coverage begins. This is crucial for estimating out-of-pocket expenses after an accident.
  4. Vehicle Information:

    • Details about your insured vehicles, like make, model, year, and VIN, are necessary when reporting an accident involving these vehicles.
  5. Named Insured and Additional Insureds:

    • The page identifies the named insured (you) and might include information about others covered, like family members.
  6. Premium Information:

    • This section shows how much you need to pay for coverage, helping you understand the cost of your insurance policy.
  7. Policy Period:

    • It provides the dates when your insurance policy is active, allowing you to check if your coverage was in effect during the accident.

After a car wreck, reviewing your declaration page helps provide accurate information when reporting the incident. It ensures a clear understanding of your coverage and assists in navigating the claims process effectively. Keep a copy in your vehicle or easily accessible for quick reference.

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